Thursday 20 June 2024

Half Happy - Slow Down (Official Video)

Photo Credit: Ren Faulks

Having recently caught Half Happy at the start of the year playing Swn Festival's Winter Warmers series, it's exciting to have the Welsh-outfit back with brand new material. Unveiling Slow Down, through luscious swells of dreamy guitar pop melodies and flowing vocals comes another fine introduction to their shining repertoire as their latest becomes a call to action to take time out from our hectic lives to appreciate the now. Detailing their new release, frontwoman Rosalie Miller shared further insight: “You often see people you love let stress take over to a point where it consumes. It’s hard to tell them to stop or tell yourself to stop. ‘Slow Down’ is a message really. Stop what you’re doing, look around and try and find some joy, shut out external noise, go have a boogie in your room or something.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Half Happy is Rosalie Miller (vocals) , Zac Noneley (drums), Pete Smith (guitar), Jon Wilson (bass).


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