Wednesday 10 July 2024

Saloon Dion - Carnival

A short hop across the water from Scientists of Sound HQ is Bristol's huge, bubbling scene of new music, ripe for discovery. And atop of that floating iceberg is Saloon Dion who have recently shared info on their much anticipated new EP, Where You’ll Find Me, set for release 14th August. Spearheading the release is their latest single Carnival, a 3 minute 38 second snarling post-brit pop anthem that sees them carve out angsty vocals amongst thrashing percussion & guitars, capitalising on their raw, live sound. Speaking about the track Saloon Dion expanded: “It was summer and Tom had been blasting Definitely, Maybe in his car on the way to practice. It took about ten minutes for him and Taryn to figure out the main riff, but it felt a bit too on the nose until Luke came in and added his bass, giving it a touch of brooding dissonance that helped cement the song. It has a lot of swagger, as well as these chaotic off-kilter segments that build atmosphere. The bongos in there are quite subtle but give it a real groove, it’s a really rhythmic track, one of our favourites to play live.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Saloon Dion is Dave Sturgess (vocals), Tom Simpkins (guitar/vocals), Taryn McDonnell (guitar/vocals), Luke Mullins (bass), and Ben Molyneux (drums). 


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