Monday, 28 July 2014

Official Video: Apes | Pull the Trigger

Following on from the stream of their new single Pull The Trigger, Aussie 4-piece Apes return with a brand new video to coincide with its release. Filmed in a local school hall the clip encapsulates everything the band project when performing live, from their energetic stage presence right down to their combustive melodic outbursts, all transferred from sound to vision in glorious style thanks to director and long time friend Steven Tandy. Have a watch for yourselves above.


Seafret | Give Me Something

Sometimes, even the simplest of melodies can leave you encased within their spell. The opening notes of Seafret's latest single does just so. As the track's subtlety builds through its swelling nuances, it's the unfathomable depths it takes you to that ultimately have me hitting replay after replay as I'm left awashed with emptiness. The kind of feeling best described as escapism from the every day strife's that get you under, 'Give Me Something' offers you that much needed outlet. Taken from the Bridlington duo's debut EP set for release September 21st through Sweet Jane Recordings, the pair's dejected vocals and bubbling arrangements cry an echoing sentiment of lovelorn pain as the track evaporates with one final nail in its coffin; "I've got nothing, since I lost you". Indulge yourself above.


Carla | Heart Trips

With music so accessible nowadays, recording has never been easier. I guess, whilst mainly that's a good thing, the amount of sub-par quality being produced is sadly unavoidable. If anything though it makes bands wishing to break through work that extra bit harder in order to edge from the pack. Liverpool's Carla do just so in their debut Heart Trips. Already sounding fully formed with their engaging melodic guitar patterns and riffling basslines the fresh faced quartet excel in all the right places. As the track's chugging intro breaks away we get a taste of their more soulful side as their sun-kissed rhythms echo amongst the tracks funky percussion and voracious vocals. With musical influences ranging from Jamie xx, New Order and the Smiths to Jimi Hendrix, as well as a lot of modern electronica from the likes of James Blake and Crystal Fighters it's safe to say this is just the start to an exciting adventure for the band, one of which I can't wait to be a part of. Take a listen to 'Heart Trips' above now.


Oscar | Kitchen Song

 "I was talking to you last night and I thought that you were quite nice".

Complex ain't always best. And that pretty much seems to be the foundations to Oscar's charmingly inoffensive pop songs. Returning with Kitchen Song, the 23 year old Londoner follows up big hitters Never Told You and Sometimes in fine style as he croons his lovelorn lyrics in the ever happy-go-lucky way we've become accustomed to. Something I'm sure we can all relate with, the track's written about "the early stages of attraction. The chase and the exciting bits" as it excels in all the right places. Kick back to its ambrosial rhythms, glimmering in a diabetic induced haze from all their sweetness and good feels above.


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Official Video: Oslo Parks | Twin

A little late to post, but following on from their infectious debut single, Twin, Brighton's latest exports Oslo Parks share an official video to add an extra visual accompaniment. Check out the beautifully colour graded clip above featuring chopped vintage clips with added effects pieced together seamlessly by the very talented Jeb Hardwicks. Describing the single as 'layered vocals over a mixture of live and electronic instrumentation – pop writing in an alternative setting.’ Twin is said to 'explore the idea of having a digital twin or the persona one creates for oneself online'. Take a listen above. You can pick up the track right now from iTunes, released through X Novo Records.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Track Exclusive: ESCAPISTS | Phantom Limb

Anyone who's remotely followed the blog over recent months will know just how much of an advocate I am for London's Escapists, and as the band prepare for the release of their debut record, 'Only Bodies', things are really hotting up. Set for release August 4th I'm honoured to be premiering album track Phantom Limb, playing true to their bright and breezy melodic shifts in gorgeous style. Encapsulating everything there is to love about British guitar bands the track's soulful swelling builds with a fluctuating energy, reaching breaking point there's not much else to do except combust unleashing razor sharp guitars and lighetning fast percussion. No strangers to euphoric choruses running side by side intracate rhythmic patterns the band have shown time and time again why they're on top of their game, this only solidifying any preconceptions I had for them. Have a listen above. Lead singer Simon Glancy had the following to say on the record.
"The title [Only Bodies] comes from that odd connection I have with death and how my head is often torn between the scientific and the spiritual. The past and the future too, which is often an issue for me. There's a theme throughout of outgrowing the idea of yourself and those around you and not really knowing what's coming ahead. Musically it's everything that we wanted in an album, pulling from all of our influences to create something completely diverse that would sit on the shelf alongside those bands that made us fall in love with music.

It's the most collaborative we've ever been.  Working with James [Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Dry The River, Rhodes)] was amazing as we had such a clear vision of how we wanted it to sound and how fast we wanted to work. He was so fast that we could get away with only a few takes to keep it feeling fresh but with an amazing production quality and attention to detail"
You can pick up 'Only Bodies' from August 4th from iTunes here. Be sure to stream the already acclaimed tracks Eyes, Breaking It Up and Blood below.

1. Faraday Cage
2. Breaking it Up
3. L O V E
4. Eyes
5. Blood
6. Ocean of Noise
7. Wild Sea
8. Phantom limb
9. Only Bodies
10. Bones


Thursday, 24 July 2014

How To Dress Well | Let U Know

Following on from his thrilling three-piece film extravaganza, How To Dress Well returns with a chilling yet  heart-rending new single (not featured on his new album) entitled Let U Know. Stripped back to its bare minimalistic state the track floats on a kind of remorseful solitude but dig beneath the sadness and you'll find true beauty within, his delicate autotuned vocals gracing the solemn piano led crooner before blossoming amongst its string section. Take a listen above. 'What Is This Heart?', the new album from How To Dress Well is available to buy now. Check out a quote from Tom Krell below detailing his thoughts on the track.
"in singing 'Let U Know,' I discovered the title of my album and a lot of its meaning -- I needed this song to be heard by people, even though I couldn't find a place for it on the album proper. When I made this song, singing over a song originally by one of my best friends ("Let U Know" is a partial cover of a song by Krell's friend oFF Love), a lot of what I'd developed on "WITH?" just came clear to me -- these questions, these relationships with the past and the future, all this love..."


Polarsets | Madrid

First springing on to my radar back in '11 with their infectious Indie-Pop jam 'Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet', Newcastle's Polarsets make a triumphant return with their latest single, Madrid. Having disappeared for a while it was easy to assume another fine tallent had been lost to the world, yet it would seem they were just hard at work refining their skills in order to present their debut album 'Parasols' set for release on September 21st. Madrid marks the first taste of what's to come and sees the Whitley Bay quartet step up the pace as their resplendent guitars skitter over the track's skippy percussion and high energy basslines. There's a definitive rise in maturity here as they build on their previous successes and look set to excel once more, this showing more than enough evidence. Take a listen above.