Friday, 18 August 2017

Haux - Cologne

Following on from his recent single's Touch and Youth, Haux returns with the incredible and heart-rending Cologne. Not one to shy away from the emotive and ethereally desolate elements in electronic music, Woodson Black has continued to impress as he racks up plays in the millions. Here he steps in to a subtle, stripped back role as the track's simplistic piano keys echo beneath it's pounding percussive beat and his quivering vocals. "There was a certain magic about Cologne." explains Black. "It struck me as a place that I might've had another life in if I hadn't lived the life I have. When I was back home, off tour, I remembered that feeling and tried to imagine a life there and the story of what might have been". Take a listen below. 


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Geowulf - Drink Too Much

The tipping point of adulthood finally came over the weekend where I awoke on Sunday morning having had 4 pints the night before to the hangover from hell. Four Pints. I'm just not cut out for it no more. Australian duo Geowulf know all too well the perils of alcohol consumption with their latest single Drink Too Much. "Bulk red wine + tired relationships = bad news baby" the pair explain. Take a listen to their funky new effort below, dripping in Nordic charm with a sun-kissed twist through its expansive vocals and playful percussion.


Morly - The Wetness

I don't like Spotify on the best of days. But when it throws up a recommendation such as Morly, as it did coincidently last week, it has its few benefits. Introduced to her haunting compositions and endearing electronic elements I knew from the first few notes I was hooked. Here she returns with her latest single The Wetness, and it's safe to say those very same feelings of overwhelming enjoyment still exist. Take a listen to her latest effort below in all of its stirring, emotive goodness. Morly’s 'Sleeping In My Own Bed' EP is out digitally and physically on 12" vinyl August 25 through Cascine.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Francis - Swing

Like your bed on a weekday morning, Francis' latest single Swing just gets better and better the longer you spend with it. From its carefree upbeat melodies, to the track's infectious guitar line that draws you in deeper to their spell with each and every twang, the band demonstrate their fine pop crafting skills with infinite detail. Swing is their first new music since last year’s 'Marathon' LP and serves to be an exciting new direction for the Swedish outfit. Take a listen for yourselves below.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Raj Chrome - The Key

Having worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Big KRIT, Raj Chrome takes his first step out from the shadows, only ever slightly, with his stunning debut single, The Key. Looking to keep his identity a secret, the newly emerged artist would appear to have collaborated with a number of top artists in the game, and it's clear his sound has become perfected with such a strong first offering under his own moniker. Take a listen to The Key's darkened RnB twists and turns below as the 25-year-old Brooklyn singer-songwriter demonstrates his soothing palette.


The Kents - Is There Anyone?

Photo Credit: Brody White

Returning with their new single, Is There Anyone?, Canadian four-piece The Kents deliver a flurry of infectious-as-hell guitar and euphoric melody changes that proliferate in to a gorgeous 3 minute 25 second pop song. "This song is about trying to find one’s place amidst the constant barrage of opinions that social media has become" explains singer/guitarist WarrenFrank. "Is there truth to be found within this overwhelming onslaught? Is anyone speaking in a way that edifies and builds people up? Is anyone willing to accept an opinion that isn’t their own? Is There Anyone comes from a place of realizing that maybe we spend too much time plugged into these platforms and a hope that perhaps in distancing ourselves from them, we will be able to focus more on our lives and the people in them". Listen for yourselves below. 


Makthaverskan - In My Dreams

Swedish outfit Makthaverskan have today revealed plans for their forthcoming new record entitled 'III'. Sharing their new single In My Dreams, we get a wonderfully lustful taste of what's to come as the band rattle through their hazy guitars, soaring vocals and high octane percussion. Take a listen for yourselves below. The new album will be released through Run For Cover Records on October 20th, 2017.

Vistas - Hold Me

Whilst it may not be the first country to spring to mind when you think of new indie-bands, dig deeper and you'll find Scotland has been readily turning out countless talented artists over the years. It's no surprise then to learn Edinburgh's latest exports, four-piece Vistas reside form the capital as they fall neatly in line with their new single Hold Me. Signed to Manchester's LAB Records, the band serve up a joyous selection of guitars and high fuelled percussion as their latest track keeps you coming back for more and more. Infectious and down right catchy spring to mind. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Vistas are: Prentice Robertson, Dylan Rush, Jamie Law and Graham McDonald