Wednesday, 6 December 2017

RAFFER - Together

There's something to be said about an artist who manages to so effortlessly pull off everything in-house, from that track's performance right through to its writing and production. Returning with his new single, Together, 19 year-old Raffer does exactly so as he unveils his high energy guitar-driven-pop in fine definition. Exerting a dazzling display of infectious melodies and emotively-hinged chord changes, the Kent-based artist showcases his diverse talents giving us a tantalising taste for what lays ahead as he prepares the release of new music. Take a listen for yourselves below. There's promise of a lot more in the coming months!


Thursday, 30 November 2017

SPINN - She Takes Her Time

Photo: Lauren Jade Keir

Returning with another infectious-as-hell, euphoric jam, Spinn take things to a higher level of fun-loving intensity with their latest effort, She Takes Her Time. With plenty more playful melodies and sprightly guitar pop, the band showcase another fine release with endless amounts of feel good desire. Frontman Jonny describes the song as “a little pop tune to listen to when you find yourself ‘low-key’ in love with someone, they may be unattainable, they may be the one for you, who knows? You’re going to have to listen to find out.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


Video: FLING - That's Nice

Nice. It's a word that doesn't really say a lot. It's neither here nor there. It's everyone's dreaded descriptor in the dating world. Yet, Bradford's Fling have given those four little letters a whole new meaning in their latest single. Catchy-as-hell, the tracks chiming keys and infectious chorus line make for an excellent pairing, the video remaining equally enticing. "A lot of people write songs that talk about sex or wanting to have it, but not about doing it. So we did one about doing it because it's nice doing it" explains Fling's singer Charles McSorley. Take a listen for yourselves below.

FLING are comprised of singer and artist Charles McSorley, Jack Winn on Guitar, Jake Lees on Bass, Sam Malynowsky on Keyboard and Billy Fielding on Drums.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sivu - Kin and Chrome

When I first heard Sivu's Better Man Than He back in 2013, I knew I was on to something incredibly wonderful. Over the course of his career his sound has continuously evolved with the times yet it's never strayed too far away from his fraught and piercingly honest narratives. Breaking a 2 year silence back in April this year he returned with the fragile and intimate Childhood Home, a track filled with nostalgic nuances, something Sivu's become so accustomed with, creating true realism in his music. Here's no different as his latest single Kin and Chrome delivers an achingly disconsolate sound that draws you in through its simplicity and splendour. "To me," James says, "this song is the closest I could get to a love song. I’m very fortunate to have my partner and she puts up with a lot, so this is a song about being thankful to her". Kin and Chrome is taken from his forthcoming new album ‘Sweet Sweet Silent’, recorded over the past two years between Cambridge, Brixton and very northern Scotland. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
February 15 || King’s Place (w/ The Mangan Quartet)


THYLA - Tell Each Other Lies

Brighton's always been a hotbed for talent, with festivals like The Great Escape on its doorstep and a direct link to London and the South Coast, it serves as the perfect breeding ground for sublime pop to flourish. Cue Thyla and their unique thrashing lo-fi sound. "Tell Each Other Lies is about the fear of confrontation; pretending everything’s dandy and skipping through life suppressing how you really feel for the sake of an easy ride" explain the band. "It's about putting up with your loved one's worst traits because you love them and you know they'll never change, and it's about coming to the realisation you wouldn't want them to anyway". Take a listen for yourselves below. 


Monday, 27 November 2017

Isaac Gracie - Terrified

Returning with his new single, Terrified, Isaac Gracie shows off his stunning vocal prowess in infinite detail. Renown for his soaring pop sensibilities, we get a further taster to what might lay ahead on his forthcoming as yet unannounced debut album, and it's impressive to say the least. What was originally a self-produced demo from his early days as an artist, now comes fully formed with a huge vibrating melody and swelling choruses, all crescendoing from its rather unassuming piano-led intro. You can take a listen below for yourselves.

Live Dates
17th January – Pop Up Paris
18th January – Paradiso, Amsterdam
19th January – Eurosonic, Groningen
20th January – Rotown, Rotterdam
27th January – Portland Arms, Cambridge
28th January – The Exchange, Bristol
30th January – Village Underground, London
31st January – The Deaf Institute, Manchester1st February – Think Tank, Newcastle


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Shy Luv - Lungs

Last week saw Manchester's Shy Luv release their latest EP ‘Lungs’, of which their title track now gets the official video treatment courtesy of a joint venture with HUMANS and CANADA. Dealing with heartbreak is never an easy transition to go through, so why not do it in beautiful fashion. The Northwest duo add their unique take with a video that depicts an unrequited love in stunning brash detail. The band explain: “We wanted the video for Lungs to really capture the feelings we were trying to create with the song, so when we got the treatment through from the directors (HUMANS.) we were super excited because we both knew the direction they wanted to go was exactly what was in our heads. Shooting the video was all super surreal. On the day when we arrived at this Mars-like red clay quarry outside Barcelona to shoot the band shots, we had to keep pinching ourselves to bring us back to earth a bit. The whole production and directing team absolutely smashed it, we kinda felt like kids at Christmas when we got the first draft of the video back.'' Take watch for yourselves below.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Liza Anne - Paranoia

Photo: Brett Warren
I first featured Liza Anne on the site back in 2014. I was impressed when I first stumbled upon her meandering, darkened sound. It was a style much akin to Daughter and so it was only natural I become instantly drawn to her bleak, high intensity driven melodies. Fast forward 3 years and everything has changed, but that doesn't mean I love her music any less. If anything it's only grown. Now we're presented with an artist that's developed her vision in to a hard hitting, effervescent package that's cherry-picked her subtle whispered qualities and neatly wrapped them up with a turbulent attitude. Her new single, Paranoia is most certainly not the for the faint hearted. Take a listen for yourselves below.