Thursday, 11 February 2016

Jack Garratt - Fire

“Fire is supposed to show every insecurity and fear I've seen in myself and other people through noise”.

Fire is taken from Jack Garratt's debut album 'Phase' due for release February 19 through Island/Interscope, and is available for pre-order now.

'Phase' Tracklsit
01.Coalesce (Synesthesia Pt. II) 
02. Breathe Life 
03. Far Cry  
04. Weathered 
05. Worry
06. The Love You’re Given 
07. I Know All What I Do  
08. Surprise Yourself 
09. Chemical
10. Fire  
11. Synesthesia Pt. III  
12. My House is Your Home


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Michl - When You Loved Me Least

Debuting with Kill Our Way To Heaven last year, Michl steps up his game with return single When You Loved Me Least. Following in suit with its darkened RnB tones and grit teeth vocal delivery,
the LA-based artist showacses a stylistic blend of soaring synth melodies and scattered electronic percussion. Having already racked up in excess of one million plays on his debut single alone, the future looks very bright for Michl, this only solidifying that lasting impression. Take a listen below.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kenzie May - Never Find Another

I could write a thousand words telling you how catchy this song is. Though you could just press play below and find out for yourself.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Sundara Karma - A Young Understanding

It's been a fair old while since I last posted five tracks in a single day here. The past few months I've been lucky to have managed five in a week. Set to change that for the better though is Sundara Karma as they return with their first release of 2016 sharing new single A Young Understanding. Another soaring effort that sees the band tighten their sound at a searing pace, with its clattering percussion and buoyant chug of uplifting guitars, their first steps in to the year ahead prove to be just as coherent as past material gearing us up nicely for what lays in store. Listen for yourselves below.


Blooms - Give Me Up

Renown for her sensual and broody efforts, Blooms returns with another fine single in the form of Give Me Up. Filled with her signature darkened RnB tones, the tracks sparsity and swelling rhythms make for desire soaked backdrop of pure indulgence. Louise Cunnane's first release of 2016 looks set to follow up last years insatiable creations as she breaks news of her upcoming EP, 'Interim', Give Me Up being the first track to be shared. "I don't like to harbour bad feeling but Give Me Up was definitely written in a moment of anger and desperation" explains Cunnane. "I really wanted to be out of a particular situation and I didn't feel strong enough to make that decision for myself and so I had to ask someone else to do it, to give me up, let me go, make it stop". Listen for yourselves below.


CHINAH - Colder

It's almost as if CHINAH predicted the storm that's currently battering down the country with their appropriately titled new single Colder. There's nothing cold about this latest effort though as a warming blend of subdued melodies swirl amongst Fine Glindvad's effortlessly suave vocals. "Once the lights are on, the lights are on, and there is no turning back" explain the band. "In ‘Colder', this line is about the terrible and fascinating realization of being addicted to another person, unable to escape. It is about allowing someone a power over you and submitting to being in their hands. That line turned into the name of the EP. We think it does well at describing the capturing feeling of having launched something into existence. It is a statement to ourselves that the project has been born". Take a listen below for yourselves.

Live Dates
Thu 11 Feb 2016 Sigurdsgade: Copenhagen,  Denmark
Fri 12 Feb 2016 Stars: Vordingborg, Denmark
Sat 13 Feb 2016 Where's the music 2016: Norrköping, Sweden
Tue 16 Feb 2016 The Waiting Room: London, UK
Wed 02 Mar 2016 by:Larm 2016 Oslo, Norway

Colder' is taken from CHINAH's long awaited debut EP, Once The Lights Are On, which is released on 11 February through No 3 Records.


Vimes - Tuem

In the lead up to their debut album 'Nights In Limbo', released this Friday through Humming Records, Cologne based duo Vimes share what was the last track to be added to its release, Tuem. Smouldering in to life through an industrial-esque foundation of metallic percussion and sparsity, the pair's latest effort blossoms in to a gorgeous slow burning masterpiece. Filled with emotively-hinged vocals and a strangely uplifting melody it serves to be my favourite of theirs yet. Take a listen for yourselves below. Fans can Pre-Order the album here:


Weird Dreams - The Ladder

The Ladder is my first introduction to Weird Dreams, the project brainchild of London's Doran Edwards. Flawless in minimalistic elegance, this latest effort floats in to subconscious territories as its softly hummed vocals effortlessly glide amongst its warming synth pad textures. Probably one of the most honest and soulful compositions I've come across in a long time, The Ladder is a meandering roller-coaster ride of emotion, a track that aches to be played in the dead of night. Speaking of its release Edwards had the following to say: "It's been a long and short four years. Weird Dreams never stopped for me, it just became private. The songwriting was a near constant. There's more music to share soon, but starting with "The Ladder" now feels right, as it was the first song of real difference, and remained unfinished for a few years while I obsessed over an image that I began to pursue as sound on the  last Weird Dreams song before this one ("House of Secrets") - the reflections of water on a swimming pool ceiling at night. For reasons that are still unclear, this imagined image of light and water moved me in a desperate time, distracting from what felt like the rest of the world falling away". Take a listen below for yourselves.

Live Dates
Weird Dreams presents Luxury Alone on 7th March @ The Waiting Room, London