Monday, 23 April 2018

Colin Magalong - Melo

Working through some older emails and Colin Magalong's recent single Melo instantly caught my attention. It's effortlessly cool and comes perfectly poised for the warm weather the UK basked in over the weekend. Sadly, that all seems like a distant memory now, but at least we can close our eyes and reminisce with this soundtrack. Take a listen below.


UNBLOOM - Chances

Becoming a one-stop shop in music production is becoming all the more common nowadays, yet that's not to say everyone's capable of meeting all aspects of songwriting to a listenable standard. Safe to say, UNBLOOM smashes the ball out the park with his latest single, Chances, which he both produces and sings on. "2017 was my first year doing music full-time. In that same year, my father battled a life-threatening cellulitis infection" he explains. "The two events converging made me realize that second chances are not guaranteed to anyone. Although my new song is a lament, it’s as much a call-to-action; to try and embrace what we are given and make the most of it". Take a listen to the future-pop, high tempo'd release below.


Video: Saltwater Sun - The Wire

Reading-based outfit Saltwater Sun returned last month with their brand new single The Wire, and today sees them follow it up with an official video. Directed and edited by Laurie Barraclough watch on below as the clip demonstrates that there's more than one way to lose control. "We wanted a video that represented some of the difficult ideas in the song, but in a more positive way" explain the band. "The lyrics are about losing what little control we have and that's exactly what happens in the video - but instead of anger and despair, we've got a guy losing himself to dance". Take a watch for yourselves. The Wire is out now via Hand In Hive.

Live Dates
28 April - Are You Listening? Festival
18 May - The Great Escape

Saltwater Sun is Jen Stearnes (vocals), Joel Neale (guitar), Dan Kingham (guitar), Rob Carter (bass) and Ben Chandler (drums).
Photo credit: Rosie Mackay

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Favela - Call My Name

Over the weekend Favela returned with the first new single in recent months as we eagerly anticipate his forthcoming debut LP. Having impressed massively on his past releases, Call My Name most certainly lives up to all expectations from the Leeds-based producer and vocalist. His unique blend of fluttering, ethereally charged electronica and emotion deluged compositions won my heart when I first heard Gong and Easy Yoke back in 2014 and it's got my mind replaying all those same feelings again. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Photo: Michelle Steel

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Magique - Unexpected Friends

Anyone who's been lucky enough to catch Fickle Friends or Geowulf on tour the past few months may have already become quite acquainted with the sounds of Oxford via Leicester-based artist Magique. For the rest of us, his latest single Unexpected Friends has just aired and showcases the refined talent he channels in to his production. In both equal parts atmospheric and mystifying in quality, the track elegantly builds in to a euphoric crescendo of electronic elements and swirling synth pad textures. "Unexpected Friends is about the whole cycle of friendships and how they end up overlapping and morphing into something quite beautiful” - explains Magique. "It’s easy to take your circles for granted and how these people came to be around you, so I just wanted to write a love letter to the people that stick by me.” Take a listen for yourselves below. With the promise of an EP on the way 2018 already looks to be an exciting prospect!

Live Dates
5th May - Live At Leeds Festival
6th May - Handmade Festival 
20th July - Truck Festival 


Chad Valley - See-Through

'See-Through' is the second single from Chad Valley's new album, Imaginary Music, out on Cascine (Worldwide) May 25th 2018, Paper Bag (Canada), and Rallye (Japan). Listen below.


Monday, 16 April 2018

SuperParka - skip

Having already been released in France to widely received praise, Paris-based duo SuperParka cross the channel to unveil their debut UK single, Skip. Take a listen below to the track for yourself and get lost in its trippy accompanying video. The pair are confirmed for The Great Escape (Friday 18th May) and are headlining London's Birthdays (Sunday 20th May).


Emma McGrath - Silent Minds

Following on from last month's single, Butterfly, pop wunderkind Emma McGrath returned on Friday with the title song from her brand new EP 'Silent Minds', released on the same day. With a sound we've come to expect, powerhouse pop in its finest form, it's no surprise to hear the same formula followed throughout. Take a listen below as once more we're treated to her euphoric choruses and hair raising production as the track wastes no time throwing you in to its rumbling percussive mix. There's a list of upcoming tour dates beneath. Stream the EP here.

Live Dates
Fri 4 May - Rough Trade West In-Store, London
Sat 5 May - Live At Leeds
Sun 6 May - Hit The North
Sun 3 June - Communion Records showcase, London