Sunday 21 July 2013

Green Man Rising | New stage for undiscovered artists

With just under a month to go until the tranquil Welsh countryside is transformed in to a magical and wonderful landscape the ever forward thinking Green Man have just announced a brand new stage showcasing the best in new and undiscovered talent. Situated in the Fortune Falls arts space the Green Man Rising stage will feature a strong emphasis on emerging Welsh and English bands and artists with Casi Wyn, Christopher Pattermore, Christopher Rees, Cosmos Collapse, Dan Bettridge, Early Ghost, Laurence Made Me Cry, Little Arrow, R Seiliog, Winter Villains, and Yr Ods all set to be performing.

Dan Bettridge aged 20 – from Ogmore by Sea, South Wales – Green Man Rising Performer said: "I'm super excited to be playing Green Man on the Green Man Rising Stage, and am humbled to be part of such an important festival which shows how Wales can match and surpass the quality of other well known festivals that go on around the country and even the world.  To be on the same bill as Patti Smith, John Cale and the many other brilliant artists is totally incredible."

Fiona Stewart, of Green Man, says: “A long list of Ivor Novello, Mercury Prize and Brit Award winners and nominees have emerged from Green Man, and we hope this new stage unearths a few more. We come across so much great music it seemed ridiculous not to give those exciting acts support and exposure.”

Who's to know what this year might uncover. All we know is it's sure making the countdown all that little bit more exciting. Be sure to keep an eye out on further additions to  the line-up. We shall keep you posted.

Tickets are available to purchase at the following link with various options available to suit your needs including a special holiday ticket where you can extend your stay by a further 3 days camping in the wonderful Glanusk Park:


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