Sunday 21 July 2013

The Intermission Project | Sorry

In the incomprehensibley vast ocean  of new music and talent, swimming ever so closely to the top is the excitingly new and fresh faced Acoustic-Folk act The Intermission Project. Setting out to capture your heart with their warming tones of redemption, their upbeat joyous melodies go a long way to delivering a promise of hope and prosperity. You can stream 'Sorry' above, the title track from their upcoming EP due out soon.

This August will see the band participate in a tour with a difference as they set off from YHA St Pauls, London on August 5th. From here the band will make their way right through South England and Wales, stopping to play live sessions at three breathtaking YHA locations including Danywenallt in Wales and Bristol. Going along for the ride will be the popular YouTube channel The Mahogany Sessions capturing every glorious detail for our viewing pleasure.

You can register for tickets to be there at the following link:


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