Tuesday 21 January 2014

FAMY | Donkey

For anyone who's been a keen follower of my quite often random musings here then you'd know first hand just how much I love the band Famy. Well, they were called Family. And I'm pretty sure they went through a brief stint of being called Famly too. Now they seem to have dropped even more letters to result in Famy but I think it's for keeps this time. First springing up on my radar at a Wu Lyf (rip) gig back in June 2011 the band have continued to put out a number of demos on their bandcamp page getting us all excited without having much to show for it release wise. That's all about to change though with their Donkey 12" being released 10 March 2014 via Transgressive Records. Hurrah! Check out the tracklist below and stream Donkey above.

A1. Donkey
A2. a Ho a Hand
B1. Hebrew
B2. History Lesson Part III


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