Tuesday 21 January 2014

Halls | Waves

As if out of nowhere 23 year old London resident Sam Howard aka Halls has announced the release of his second album 'Love To Give'. Following on from his debut 'Ark' in 2012 Waves is the second cut to reach us from its release and sees a broadening in soundscapes as Howard begins to step out of the shadows and in to the light. 
“This is an album about opening up. Ark is the cold album, closed-off, obscure and confusing. I obscured lyrics and hid behind reverb and mumbling. For this album I wanted to reach out more. In some ways it is darker than Ark. I feel that I struggle to connect with a lot of people and I want to connect somehow. Love to Give is about opening up and becoming more of a human being.”
Still present is the ever ethereal vocals accompanied by his hauntingly beautiful church organs yet something about this seems brighter. A more optimistic outlook so to speak. Cultivating raw and mesmerising atmospheres Halls manages to once more create the gravitational pull that much of today's music lacks through splinteringly sharp efforts. Pre-order the album now through on iTunes here and get Forelsket (streaming below) as an instant download. You can also Pre-order the physical limited 12"/CD here. 'Love To Give' will be released February 10th via No Pain in Pop


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