Tuesday 7 January 2014

JLYY | Glass Drum

You know when you were at the swimming pool with your friends or having a quick dip in the sea (yep, for one day a year in the UK the weather does allow for such a treat) and someone decided to participate in some tomfoolery by dunking your head under the water and holding it there? Well that's exactly what JLYY's debut track Glass Drum sounds like. Brash yet oddly satisfying, submerged in an ocean of beautiful noise, all swooshing and swirling, its expansive nature becomes ever so hard to ignore. Everything seems mysterious as of yet. I for one can't find any more info on them online except for a rather plain tumblr but I'm sure something will surface as the hype begins to pick up. I guess we'll have to enjoy all that we have above for the meantime.


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