Tuesday 7 January 2014

Liza Anne | The Colder Months

Discovering Liza Anne on a day today couldn't have planned out any better even if I'd tried. With thunder and lightening tearing across the sky bringing with it sporadic heavy downpours The Colder Months serves as the perfect accompaniment as I stare out the window in to the bleakness drinking a refreshing mug of Green Tea (January detox y'all).

In a romanticism swaying with both contemplative and rhythmical elements, the young Nashville resident constructs a spiralling arabesque between the age old debate of need versus want - made all too evident in a voice that's as confident in whisper as it is in intensity. The Colder Months is a sombre affair, haunting with an invigorating energy, taking life as fragile as it is and placing it in to the palm of your hand. At just 19 Liza has so much potential and I can only hope this the start of many great things to come. Music this gorgeous deserves to be heard. The debut album 'Colder Months' will be released 4th February. Be sure to check out the official video below.


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