Thursday 17 April 2014

Chet Faker | 1998

I don't know what's more shameful really. This being my first proper listen to Chet Faker or the fact I just spilled Branston Pickle all over my white t-shirt. Thankfully being at home I can change so I guess we'll go with the former on this occasion. 1998 is the second single to be taken from the debut album 'Built On Glass' and serves to be the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous weather we've been having in the UK as of late. Super chilled with a slow rumbling bassline the track's use of airy synth stabs comes underpinned by the emotive cries of Chet as he croons "We used to be friends. We used to be inner circle. I don't understand what I have become to you". I'm not sure whether dance around the room or get all emo at this point. I think I'll dance. Be sure to check out the Grace Lee animated video below directed by Domenico Bartolo.

'Built On Glass' is out now through Future Classic / Downtown Records.


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