Thursday 24 April 2014

Ryan Vail | Gone

Sounding like nothing you've ever heard before, there's something so intrinsically beautiful surrounding Ryan Vail. To create music that sounds as sparse yet holds as much detail as this is a truly angelic skill to behold. Taken from 'Grow', the forthcoming EP, Gone is our second taster and shows a slightly more up-tempo vibe from the duo as Ryan's brooding vocals echo over its sombre soundscape. Puncturing your tearsome soul with its four-to-the-floor beat the tracks analogue sound acts as a welcomed sight in our computerised world as the pair (consisting of Ryan and Katie Cosgrove) intertwine vocals before an uplifting sprinkle of guitar adds an even further element to its gorgeous mind numbing sound. "Gone is about seeing things in a different light," Vail says. "Past issues become irrelevant". Lose yourself to the world and take a listen above. The new EP is set for release through Champion Sound on May 5th.


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