Thursday 15 May 2014

The Night VI | Sienna (Acoustic)

Having racked up a 111,000 plays on Soundcloud in the 2 months since its upload, it's safe to say The Night VI's delicate blend of sentimental yearning and soulful swells of pop simplicity have more than earned them their stripes. Here the London 6 piece return, stripping their impassionedly driven single Sienna down to its bare bones with an acoustic version, wholeheartedly demonstrating the band's raw and impeccable talent. Throwing Sophie-Rose Harper's dainty yet equally powerful vocals to the forefront, with minimalistic guitar strums and sparse percussive hits throughout, it looks like those emotions that go hand in hand with a failed relationship are to be dragged back up once more. Speaking of the original, Sophie-Rose Harper explained "It got us thinking about the special hurt when you're the one that's been left behind. Lyrically the song became a patchwork of past relationships that hadn't grown into what we were once so sure they would become".


The Night VI are: Sophie-Rose Harper, Jack Gourlay, Anna Pesquidous, Bo Morgan, Kristy Buglass & Bogart Giner.


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