Thursday 15 May 2014

Video: Tycho | See

Taken from the stunning new record 'Awake' Tycho returns with an equally compensating video for latest single See. Set in a mystical otherworldly dimension the clip seems to focus on the alternating perceptions of reality and fiction with director GMNUK going on to explain:
“When we first listened to 'See' we immediately began thinking about perspective and what it means to have sight. We wanted to explore the difference between the perceived and the actual that constantly exist within each of us. We wanted to push the defined limits of vision both naturally and through technological enhancements. The resulting film presents the story of a woman living two parallel existences, expressed through rich, low­contrast visuals that complement the dreamy and lucid feel of ‘See.'”
“One keystone of the video is this intensely stylized mystic worldview of spiritual energy we see through our heroine’s perspective. Presented through full­spectrum as well as infrared photography, our heroine’s experience has an unmistakably unique palette. We were very excited about this world of full spectrum photography and the idea of being able to ‘see’ things that were otherwise invisible. Using special filters we can achieve practical, in­camera effects that drive home her familiar yet otherworldly perception.  The band was treated as the interweave between the two dimensions in the film. Visually, they’re presented through a different infrared capture, providing a visual bridge while still giving us a reprieve from the intense environmental palettes. We captured the thousands of scattered, IR­visible dots emitted by a Kinect, supplemented with laser projections that bathe the image with fill light and color. The band footage also acts as a narrative locomotive, spurring the transition points within the story.

Tycho has Northern California roots, so we wanted to tell the story using three iconic locations in the region — the beautiful redwood forests of Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the lush golden fields of Ano Nuevo, and the stunning beaches of San Gregorio. All three locations provided a uniquely saturated color palette, atmospheric lighting, and rich texture that was definitively in the Tycho aesthetic. The lush vegetation of each location accentuated the infrared photography, and amplified the contrast between “audience” and POV stylings."

See is taken from the latest album, 'Awake', which is available now.

Live Dates
17- 20th July Latitude Festival, Suffolk UK     
22nd July Gorilla, Manchester UK     
23rd July Button Factory, Dublin IRE


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