Friday 6 June 2014

Interpol Announces New Album 'El Pintor'

Set to break their 4 year hiatus Interpol will return on September 8th with their fifth studio album 'El Pintor'. Now a 3 piece since the departure of bassist Carlos Dengler the trio have been hard at work in Electric Lady Studios and Atomic Sound in their native New York City and look set to make a big comeback. The band will return to the UK this June to play The Other Stage at Glastonbury on June 27 and will also be playing a sold out fan show at London’s Electric Ballroom on June 25. Check out the behind the scenes in-studio footage above, you can also Pre-Order the record here:

'El Pintor' Tracklist
1. All the Rage Back Home
2. My Desire
3. Anywhere
4. Same Town, New Story
5. My Blue Supreme
6. Everything is Wrong
7. Breaker 1
8. Ancient Ways
9. Tidal Wave
10. Twice as Hard


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