Thursday 5 June 2014

Nieves | Symmetry

Following on from our recent introduction to the heartfelt Winter back in April, Scottish duo Nieves return with their second offering, Symmetry. Having quickly built up a reputation for scribing pensive and disconsolate motifs within their song, the pair add further heat to their fire as the 2-piece divulge once more their dark subject matters in painstaking detail. That's not a bad thing either by the way. Quite the contrary. Describing the song as "[a] bleak but hopeful narrative about teenage pregnancy and Scotland's underclass." the duo's vivid storytelling comes to life in the most gorgeous of ways as its piano led melody weaves through its expanding string sections underpinned by a trundling of percussion and strummed guitars. It looks like singer/songwriter Brendan Dafters and musician/producer Herre de Leur have a lot more to give, and we're all ears.Take a listen above.


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