Monday 23 June 2014

Sivu | Miracle (Human Error)

"I've always suffered from quite bad anxiety, and 'Miracle (Human Error)' is about that sense of feeling small in the world - and me being as honest as possible, to move forward." - Sivu
Having taken a few days off from any intense blogging (yep, bad backs affect us young folk too, probably caused from too much time spent in my computer chair - the vicious circle) 'Miracle (Human Error)' almost slipped by me. First drifting on to my radar back at the start of '13, the sheer advancement from Sivu has been nothing short of mesmeric. Possibly his most produced effort to date it's no surprise to find a much fuller sound broadening from all angles, yet with articulate layering the intimacy from his original work still remains in glorious detail. Released July 28 through Atlantic Records this sees another giant stride towards perfection for the Cambridgeshire resident as his vast and cathartic elegance blossoms in to this all empowering composition. Check out the Georgia Hudson directed clip above. 


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