Tuesday 26 August 2014

Raury & Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Superfly

Is it bad that I still haven't got around to listening to anything from Raury? The name's cropped up a fair few times when I've been scrolling through blogs and yet this is my very first encounter. Something I'll definitely be amending after this. Pairing up with a big favourite of mine, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, the pair go all out in sublimity as their shared vocals glimmer and shine over the track's angelic sounds. With a singular strummed guitar forming the backdrop it doesn't take long to quickly develop in to an all empowering masterpiece as vast stomping percussion sends thunderous echos throughout its unclassifiable landscape. Check it out above. Superfly is taken from Raury's debut EP which you can download for free here, the catch being you have to reach 1500 points. All will become clear on clicking through.


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