Tuesday 26 August 2014

VÉRITÉ | Weekend

Follow ups. Always a tricky situation to find yourself in having produced a debut that's so coherently perfect. This doesn't seem to phase Vérité in the slightest though as the New York resident returns with another concisely cut synth-pop dream. Whilst Strange Enough was all swirling glazed melodies Weekend hits with a little more force as we see grungey guitars add a new dynamic to her heavenly velveteen sounds. Speaking of the single Vérité explains "Conceptually it came from a snapshot of a scenario,". "An old friend of mine lived on this quiet, dead end residential street with bright florescent lights. I had the image of us falling down in the stillness of the scene. From the first line, the song winds up being an ode to the nostalgia of how, despite how sick we were or how insane things get, we can take moments from the craziest times and glorify them as being absolutely perfect". Take a listen to 'Weekend' above now. 

New York fans can catch her live performance debut at Neon Gold's POPSHOP NYC supporting ASTRA on September 18th, 2014. You can purchase tickets HERE.


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