Thursday 21 August 2014

Saint Raymond | I Want You (Thom Alt - J Remix)

Whilst I'm not a huge fan of remixes and very rarely post any, what Alt-J's Thom Green has done here is nothing short of mesmeric and might just change my opinion forever (okay, so it probably won't but rules are made to be broken hey). Completely stripping away the original track's bouncy melodies and sun-kissed vibe Saint Raymond's I Want You gets a solemn and dignified reworking courtesy of its snake charming percussion and experimental vocal samples, all chopping and sliding their way throughout. It's them closing synth pads that really get to me though, an almost dagger to heart with their emotional strain reaching to unfathomable depths. Lose yourself above.

You can Pre-Order the new single "I Want You" from itunes now:  and be sure to grab a free acoustic track from Saint Raymond here:

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