Monday 8 September 2014

Track Exclusive: Honours | Bulletproof

Ready to kick-start your Monday with some adrenaline induced euphoria, long time blog favourites Honours return with their fresh new single, Bulletproof. First appearing on our pages way back in October last year, the then relatively unknown London based trio have gone on to execute their sound to an almost impossible level of perfection, previous track's August and its endearingly fragile b-side Blue Light only going to show just how vastly diverse their talents can be. Naturally formulating desirable splashes of multi-genre sounds through soulful drones of electronic haze, Honours have set a fine example for retaining an organic and energetic mindset. Constantly progressing over changing tempos and explosive percussive hits, Bulletproof follows in suit, truly blossoming in to an infectious array of what all indie-electronic music should epitomise. Not to take anything away from the band's previous work (because let's face it, it's all pretty damn flawless) but having honed their skills in recent months, it goes without saying this latest effort is undeniably their strongest to date. Take a listen to the anthemic busting - stadium topping single below, officially released October 27th through Killing Moon Records.

Live Dates
Music Cube - Westfield, London - 24th October 2014
The Islington, London - 29th October 2014



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