Tuesday 23 September 2014

Sundara Karma | Hustle

As Berkshire's Sundara Karma prep the release of their new single, 'Indigo Puff', the band share with us the stream to its b-side, Hustle. The sad and often misconception with a b-side is that it's some half-arsed idea that wasn't quite up to being a lead track off its own back, and that's not always the case. So rightfully demonstrated here by the Reading four-piece. With their no gimmick style the band thrash through this darkly pop-tinged number as funky basslines rattle by, frontman Oscar Lulu's raspy vocals setting things alight. There's a straight up grittiness that runs throughout the band's music and Hustle just goes to show exactly what they're capable of. Bold, yes. Non-conforming, you bet. Indigo Puff / Hustle is set to hit stores 6th October through 203 Recordings

Live Dates
Wednesday 24th September     BBC Introducing, Oakford, Reading 
Thursday 25th September     Barfly, Camden, London


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