Tuesday 23 September 2014

Yellerkin | Tools

Crafted through earthly yelps with and an abundance of cathartic changes in tempo, Brooklyn's Yellerkin return with their latest melody shifting single, Tools. Headed up by Adrian Galvin & Luca Buccellati, the pair manage to meld genres together like its second nature as folk-induced swells of percussion do battle head on with an uprising of glimmering synth work. Speaking on the release the pair went on to say: "Tools is a kind of anthemic generational song, but one that toes the line between triumph and tragedy. This song is about our limitations; how fucked up it is that we are the generation that bought into all the crap our parents protested against in the 70's!". Take a listen above. Be sure to head on over to their Soundcloud page here to download the lead track from their debut EP for free released last year.


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