Monday 6 October 2014

Osca | Around The Bends

So having already re-worded this post 3 times, left speechless but their latest effort, I really don't think there's many words out there to describe Osca's latest single other than mesmerising. Their sheer advancement as a band, building on their early demo's as newcomers to being leaders in the firing line of one of 2014's hottest new acts has been nothing short of inspiring. Finalising their debut EP which features previous tracks Illume and Blood, the band once more manage to blend a dignified elegance in to their unique take on uplifting indie-pop, the pulsating percussive sections crashing down around its piano led verses. Speaking on the release frontman Jack Kenworthy goes on to say "I started writing this song well over a year ago. It came to me very quickly. Which is probably why the melody never settles and feels quite improvised. The song really came to life when we started working on it in the studio with our producer Mikko Gordon. He definitely brought it into a new light."

The 'Blood' EP will be available digitally from November 17, 2014 via Duly Noted Records (Pre-Order are available from tomorrow). You can stream the previous cuts below.

Tracklist: 1. Blood 2. Illume 3. Trumpet 4. Around The Bends


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