Monday 10 November 2014

HUGH | I Don't Like You

Monday's. They come around Just after Sunday and before every Tuesday each week. Yet, for some reason or other, people seem to be constantly bewildered with them - at least judging by all the whinging my eyes have to endure on my facebook and twitter feeds. The sooner we learn to embrace each day of the week and make of them what we will, the sooner we can all be happier in life. Or failing that, maybe just hit play on London 4-piece HUGH's latest single, I Don't Like You, and forget about the world. Immediately calming with its soulful drive of swoonful synth-work and spacious percussion, the band's innate ability in crafting some pretty damn awesome groove-ready pop hits an all time high. The results; something so indulgent you might just feel a tiny bit guilty for having achieved absolutely nothing with your day - nah, who am I kidding. I'm already on my 7th play, life can most certainly wait when I've got music this chilled.

I Don't Like You is taken from the band's 3-track EP entitled 'One Of These Days' which is available nowfrom iTunes here: You can catch HUGH playing The Lexington, London on 26th November w/ Golden Fable.


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