Monday 10 November 2014

Sophie Jamieson | Take

Last night I finally decided to drag my sorrowful self back to join the gym. Having had 3 months off from any real form of exercise I think it's safe I'm paying the price today. That being said, delayed onset muscle soreness is a strange entity. Maybe I'm just a sadistic kind person in that I enjoy the slight aches but it's all feeling weirdly 'nice'. I guess it works in a similar way with music too having always been fonder of the more disconsolate offerings - something Sophie Jamieson has mastered ever so well. Previous track 'Stain' demoed this in painstaking detail as a vastly bleak soundscape was met with its slowburning guitars and Jamieson's woozy echoes. Here she returns with her latest single, Take, due for release December 8th lifted from a forthcoming EP set to follow early next year. Getting an even further sense of our distilling reality, the London based artist returns to showcase a relentless slow-built onslaught of fluttering guitars and gripping percussion as her forlorn vocals glimmer throughout. This is most defintiely alt-folk played out at its most engaging! Take a listen above.


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