Monday 3 November 2014

Last Lynx | Brother

With each of their previous singles being a work of outstanding art on their own, all displaying a vastly unique sound, throwing you head first in to their latest single Stockholm's Last Lynx return with the rather energetic Brother. Taken from the band's 'Rifts' EP due for release November 7th through Universal Sweden's imprint SoFo Records, the five-piece outfit demonstrate just why they're so worthy of all the buzz they've been kicking up in recent months. With high strung guitar lines and rapid fire percussion the track's jubilant vigour shines in the most radiant of lights as you become fully engrossed in their infectious as hell riffs. It's quite fundamentally easy to write a pop song. To write one this good though and of such timeless beauty takes some doing. Get loose above.

Last Lynx are: Camilla Dahlstedt, Robin Eveborn, Kim Lindqvist and the brothers Marcus and Fredric Lindblom.


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