Wednesday 10 December 2014

Top Music Based Games Ever Made

As gaming technology has advanced, the music industry has had the opportunity to release games with instrument and dance mat controls that let people sing, play and dance along to popular tunes. Here are a few examples of the top music-based games ever made.

Guitar Hero: Metallica
This is a game from 2009, where you employ instrument game controls, to sing or ‘play’ along with the songs onscreen. The focus is on Metallica in the modern day, but there are songs from throughout their career (including Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters), while you can play as band members or other rock bands featured in the game.

The Beatles: Rock Band
This game takes you down through the career of the legendary band, using guitar or drum controls to simulate the songs. Every song is here, along with superb graphics covering all stages of the Beatles career, and a choice of levels, depending on your skill level.

Dance Stage: EuroMix
The control in this game is the mat you dance on, and it provides you with a workout mode, if you actually want to use it to keep fit. You can also pick a character to dance as, as you try to keep up with tunes like So Good and I Will Survive, and you can dance in training mode if you are new to the game.

Vinyl Countdown
This online casino musical slot game has a 1950s rock ‘n’ roll theme and reels featuring dancing shoes, a rocker and glitterballs. The range of payout sizes, from 300 coins to the 1000 maximum jackpot and the bursts of music that accompany the game play really make this game – although the Grease-style graphics are pretty good too. This one can also be enjoyed from your smartphone too on a mobile or iphone casino site.

Michael Jackson: The Experience
This 2010 game lets you sing and dance along to Jackson hits, either in single or multi-player modes – with onscreen lyrics optional. Songs include Billie Jean and Bad, and your score depends on how accurate you are with the words and dance moves.

DJ Hero
This is surely the only game that lets you showcase your DJ skills, including crossfading, scratching and mixing. The control is a moveable turntable and it employs the same score attack style of game play as Guitar Hero. Tunes to work with include Around the World by Daft Punk and Boom by Grandmaster Flash.

This 2008 game is a kind of karaoke game, where you use motion sensitive microphone game controls to sing along with hit songs. You can do duets or use multiplayer gaming modes, and you win points based on things like pitch, rhythm and vibrato.

Def Jam Rapstar
This 2010 game is karaoke involving rapping, rather than singing, as you have to show off your skills and win points by delivering classic raps from Def Jam hip hop hits like Hot in Here and Gin and Juice. You also get the original videos and five different gaming modes to play in, plus a choice of swearing or not!

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