Tuesday 9 December 2014

Video: Youngs | JOY

Flash and Illustrator. The two words that fill my mind with the pain of trying to create a website for my Uni project with no prior teaching. Thankfully for us Meat Sauce (otherwise known as Elliot Gannon) doesn't seem to share the same turmoil, or at least it's not evident from this hypnotic animation for Youngs latest single JOY. Speaking of the single the band went on to say “We wrote JOY as a critic of pleasure. This is the first product of our new approach to song writing, where we have focused closely on linking the lyrics and music. Our experimentation with new gear has allowed us to connect more with our songs. ‘JOY’ is not about some grand event like a love story or a tragic loss. It’s trying to amplify some of those lingering thoughts. The thoughts that should be discarded but is instead discussed”. Take a listen to the atmospheric pulsating nuances above. You can download it for free from their Bandcamp page here.


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