Friday 30 January 2015

Album Review: All We Are | All We Are

'All We Are' Tracklisting
1 – Intro  2 – Ebb/Flow  3 – Stone  4 – Feel Safe  5 - Honey  6 – I Wear You  7 - Keep Me Alive
8 - Go  9 - Utmost Good  10 – Something About You  11 – Life Of Seven

Having slowly teased us with snippets from their debut album since the early days of '14, Liverpudlian trio All We Are are finally ready to release what has almost certainly been one of my more anticipated records for this year. Produced by Dan Carey, the man responsible for the likes of M.I.A., Hot Chip and Bat For Lashes, you can definitely feel the same alluring darkened tones that seem to be most prominent in the aforementioned artists music.

Set to deliver on the precise and calculated measures we've become accustomed to, first track Ebb/Flow takes no prisoners in its bid to channel a mystifying sentiment. Through hard hitting convulsing basslines, the track quickly breaks in to the most gorgeous of choruses as the band's uplifting use of vocals and fluttering keys set to lift its shrouded mood to dizzying heights. Their use in shared singing ability is special to say the least. Switching rolls like it's second nature, Stone offers a laid back approach to their world. With tribal percussion and floating guitars adding splashes of colour to its glorious backdrop, it doesn't take long for Guro Gikling's angelic voice to set things alight as the track accumulates in to its wondrous reprise.

Edging in to Feel Safe, the very first track I heard by the multi-national threesome, it's nice to see the same endeared emotions I first felt on that very day elicited once more. Packed full of jangly rhythms and tropically infused sounds each listen reveals further depth to its never ending chasm of aural delight. Now to say they were definitely not shy of a funky rhythm would be a little understated - especially with Honey's bursts of vibrant light and energetic percussion before quickly fading out in to the delectable single I Wear You.

Elsewhere on the record things take a more symbolic turn showing a more composed side to the band. Taking things down a notch or two, in tempo not emphasis, Go delivers one of the most engaging listens on the LP. Slowly building in to a crescendo of feel-good emotion set amongst swirling synth instrumentation, each layer awashes over you with a dignified urgency. Meanwhile Utmost Good does its very best in commandeering their soulful slinky basslines and soothing vocal touch. Bubbling along in a rich ocean of sincerity All We Are have created the only sea I could happily drown in - and Something About You does just that. From its murky unassuming intro the track quickly blossoms in to a gorgeous little number completely surrounding you with its hypnotic pop sensibilities. Pulling you under the surface and in to its meandering plinky melody laden depths, all woozy and indulgent, its Bee Gees disco influence itches to get out.

There's very few records I 'five star' every track to in iTunes anymore, yet as All We Are's eponymous debut slips in to its final notes with the echoey Life Of Seven, I can safely lay claim to this as being one of them. Capturing a true sense of their presence, natively from Brazil, Norway and Ireland respectively, the three piece put forward a gorgeously perfective representation of what they're all about, their multi-cultural backgrounds shining in the most wonderful of lights through an array of musical style and influence.

All We Are's debut album will be released on 2nd February 2015 through Domino Records sister label Double Six. You can Pre-Order here.


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