Friday 2 January 2015

Leaf Erikson | Flying High

I've probably said exactly the same thing when introducing band's such as Flyte and Theme Park but Bombay Bicycle Club really do have a knack for bringing support acts on tour with them who show real promise and shine. Flashguns happened to be another falling in to this same category after catching them play Cardiff back in 2009. Sadly after a handful of EP releases and a debut album the band ceased to exist and everything went fairly quiet surrounding their name. For whatever reasons there might have been for calling it a day a lot of questions remained circulating to whether there ever would be any new music from its members again who so clearly had a talent for creating some of the freshest music we've heard to date.

Thankfully January 2015 finally brings closure as their reincarnation Leaf Erikson share their first single 'Flying High'. Significantly more mellow, this new direction holds a lot of promise as its jazzy guitar lines slink over a blossoming percussive backdrop before flowering in to a gorgeous little number. Hopefully the first of many great tracks to come. Take a listen for yourselves above. I can't wait to hear more!


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