Wednesday 7 January 2015

Robyn Sherwell | Pale Lung

Through all the bedazzlement that's often fired at us through over the top production to the excessive use of instruments getting in to a loudness war of epic proportion, sometimes taking a step back is all that's required in achieving perfection. The saying of less is more has never felt so true, especially with the return of Robyn Sherwell and her endearing new single Pale Lung. Through its sparse soundscape Sherwell documents a harsher reality of a recent breakup, all with the softly ushered backing percussion and swirling modulated synth notes setting the mood. "It's about falling for someone you're not supposed to fall for" explains Sherwell. "I had this experience a few years back and wrote Pale Lung. It summarises that specific mix of guilt and desire at that moment you first realise and admit to yourself there is a powerful spark with someone you can't or probably shouldn't pursue. The song still feels like telling a secret, same as it did when I wrote it". Take a listen above and be sure to familiarise yourself with her previous track Islander below.


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