Wednesday 7 January 2015

To Kill A King | Love Is Not Control

It's been a while since I've featured any To Kill A King news here, almost a year and a half in fact, but what better way to break that hiatus than with word of a brand new album. Set to be released March 2nd 2015 the band's second effort looks set to be a little more on the poppier side if this is anything to go by. Whilst their debut was mainly centred around their softly plucked folk roots, Love Is Not Control is a single that boasts a fine production with each intrinsically constructed layer throughout drawing us ever deeper in to Ralph Pelleymounter's lyricism. Through a consistent stream of EP and single releases along the way, the London five-piece have far from disappointed us and this looks set to solidify them as one of the hardest working band's we've known to date. Take a listen above for yourselves. You can Pre-Order the new record from iTunes here.

01     Compare Scars
02     Love Is Not Control
03     Oh My Love
04     Friends
05     The Chancer
06     School Yard Rumours
07     Good Times (A Rake's Progress)
08     Musicians Like Gamblers Like Drunks Like Me
09     Grace at a Party
10     World of Joy (A List of Things to Do
11     Today


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