Monday 9 March 2015

Mt. Wolf | Hamburg

When Mt. Wolf announced their rather precipitous disbandment at the tail end of '13, I was left with a sudden empty hole in my life for ambitious ambiance - a void that needed filling. Through haunting arrangements of of pure sublimity, their music spoke in ways not many artists could achieve so when they sprang their return last year, it was always going to be met with great joy. Following on from the endearing Red, 2015 sees the London trio pick up exactly where they left off with plenty more glistening guitar plucked melodies and engulfing atmospherics. Clocking in at just over 6 minutes in length it's definitely their longest stint yet, but curated with such beauty each twist and turn brings together a profundity within their sound that's equal to none. Just wait for its heart-wrenching mid-section and try say different. Having always capitalised on their affectional use of space and silence, Hamburg might just be their very best effort yet. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Hamburg is taken from the Mt. Wolf's  forthcoming 'Red' EP set for release April 13 2015 through X Novo.

Live Dates
April 15th - London’s Cecil  Sharp House


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