Thursday 9 April 2015

Black Honey - Spinning Wheel

Having by coincidence (or part of some grander cunning plan) released their recent track Madonna at the very same time Madge had a trip and tumble down some stairs, Black Honey return on fine form with its counterpart a-side single Spinning Wheel. Sadly this time it doesn't coincide with any hype media event but that doesn't really matter as the track speaks pretty well for itself off its own back. Possibly their most seductive effort yet, the Brighton 4-piece melt together a swathe of psychedelic guitar lines and enthralling percussion as its frantic melodies slowly unravel. The perfect soundtrack to a Wild West shoot-out.

Spinning Wheel forms a double a-side alongside previously shared track ‘Madonna, released physically  through Duly Noted records. Fans in the UK who wish to pre-order ahead of the bands live shows can do so via text: 07578533359

08/04/15     Birmingham - supporting Superfood
09/04/15     London - supporting Superfood
02/05/15    Live at Leeds     
14/05/15 - 16/05/15    The Great Escape Festival
25/05/15    Focus Wales Festival @ Central Station     
30/05/15    Wychwood Festival           
22/07/15    Croatia Rocks
24/07/15    Secret Garden Party     
31/07/15    Y Not Festival
01/08/15    Standon Calling
02/08/15    Kendal Calling


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