Thursday 9 April 2015

Racing Glaciers - What I Saw

All's been a little quiet on the Racing Glaciers front these last few months. The last time I wrote about them was back in August 2014 when they shared their anthemic single Animals, a track that confidently displayed their ebullient bombastic rock talents. Returning today with new single What I Saw it's clear to see (or rather hear) they've far from whiled away the time. Ramping up their emotive prowess through expulsive percussive bursts and undulated thundering basslines comes a stunning effort from the rising Macclesfield band. Matured, and with more direction and purpose than ever before, What I Saw serves to be a gripping introduction to the quintet's forthcoming debut album, written during the same sessions. "We've been putting music online for the last few years. We're all now focused on releasing our first album." Explains the band. "What I Saw was written whilst we were living in a barn in Glastonbury and is the first offering from our new batch of tracks. We've been experimenting with that expansive, post rock-influenced sound for a while now and everything feels a bit bigger each time, but we've finally got it the way we want it". Take a listen for yourselves below. 

What I Saw will be available to buy as a standalone single on April 13th via Killing Moon Records.


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