Tuesday 7 April 2015

Matt Woods - Leaning Towers

I'm not entirely sure of the public's perception on music blog's, but they're not always a great pleasure to run. Mountains of emails. Continuous follow up's. Day's when you really can't be arsed to write about anything. Then along come artist's like Matt Woods writing music so incredibly powerful I'm instantly reminded of the reasons why I do this. Following on from last month's single Impression, Woods returns with his emotionally-heavy new track, Leaning Towers. Glistening with his glacial vocals and pristine afflicting backdrop of rousing percussion and softly plucked guitars comes another indigenous effort from the London via Cornwall singer/songwriter. "We all need support from other people, and in return for supporting somebody you get something back too" explains Matt talking about the single. "Like we are all leaning inwards, depending on others. And if we let somebody fall then we all fall."

Take a listen above. Wood's next headline show will be at The Islington, Angel (London) on 22nd April. Tickets are available here.


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