Monday 20 April 2015

Osca - Smoke

Never failing to make an earth shattering impression, blog favourites Osca mark a fine return with their latest single, Smoke, premiering this evening on BBC Radio 1. With an unrivalled proficiency for crafting their lofty self-assured melodies, the band's stadium-ready sounds have seen them pick up a string of new fans along their journey as they solidify their approach in to producing music of the finest variety. Following on from sharing its B-side single Sleeptalk back in February, the London based four-piece timely follow it up with another soaring masterclass in elevated perfection. From its hazy intro to Jack Kenworthy's head-spinning vocals, Smoke truly is the epitome of dizzying anthemic pop. Take a listen to both singles below. Smoke and its B-Side Sleeptalk are set for release on June 1st on Duly Noted Records.


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