Thursday 28 May 2015

Blooms - Love

Sporadically making her way on to my pages here over the last year or so, Blooms has seen her darkened RnB-hinted sounds quickly rise the ranks to becoming one of last years most talked about new artists. Following in to 2015 with previous single Fall, Louise Cunnane appears to have stepped things up quite considerably, latest effort Love almost certainly proving this. Making exceptional use of the track's haunting space, striking percussion and echoing guitars readily change up the mood as Cunnane's elegant vocals swirl amongst its sultry synth-pad backdrop. "Love is a reflection on my first EP...." explains Blooms. "...remembering all of the great parts - which is so easily done after the breakdown of anything - but then strongly reminding myself that I have come too far to come back. I have been locked in this weird little personal battle and I refuse to be defined by it". Take a listen below for yourselves.


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