Wednesday 22 July 2015

Pretty Vicious - National Plastics

I know I say the same thing every time I write about a Welsh band, but the amount of involvement I have with the local scene is shocking on my part to say the least. A case in point being this as my very first encounter with Pretty Vicious, a band well on their way to great things hailing from Merthyr. Premiered by Annie Mac as her Hottest Record last night, the band's latest single National Plastics is an explosion of killer riffs and voracious percussion underpinned by their youthful angst and vigour. Guided by gritty vocals and some insatiable guitar layering the South Wales quartet unleash an earth shattering force that's sure to turn heads. Take a listen below for yourselves.

National Plastics will be released on Virgin EMI September 18th.


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