Thursday 9 July 2015

Ryan Egan - Restoration

Amongst its experimental haze shines a pristine brilliance on Ryan Egan's debut single Restoration. Described as "a song about hitting the reset button, a rebirth", Egan's almost falsetto vocals sat atop its swooning backdrop of slinking melodies and basslines drives home the message of learning from our mistakes and not seeing them as a bad thing, but rather a way of improvement. Continuing to explain he goes on to say"It's something that will and should happen many times throughout our lives, artistic and otherwise. It's good to acknowledge where we've gone wrong and not be afraid to expose our faults so that we can move forward and grow in a positive way. I think everyone can relate to that". Restoration is the first track to be taken from an upcoming debut EP, you can check it out below for yourselves.


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