Friday 5 February 2016

Only Girl - Young Blood

Young Blood is my very first taste of Only Girl's delectable pop sensibilities, and such a fine introduction at that. Anyone who reads the blog will have probably already noticed my increase in moans centred around the quality of music in recent months. Whilst it's more accessible than ever to pick up an instrument or microphone, it doesn't necessarily mean what's produced is of any worth. Every day my passion slowly dies. Then along comes a gem like this and completely restores my faith in new music. Built around a soulful twist of heartache and desire, the South-East London based artist has managed to create a unique blend of dazzling pop energy bundled in to a lovable 4 minute pop jam. Check it out for yourselves below as you become lost amongst Ellen Murphy's soaring vocals and destructive atmospherics.

Young Blood is taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name, released March 11th via Akira Records & supported by PRS Foundation for Music.


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