Monday 8 February 2016

Weird Dreams - The Ladder

The Ladder is my first introduction to Weird Dreams, the project brainchild of London's Doran Edwards. Flawless in minimalistic elegance, this latest effort floats in to subconscious territories as its softly hummed vocals effortlessly glide amongst its warming synth pad textures. Probably one of the most honest and soulful compositions I've come across in a long time, The Ladder is a meandering roller-coaster ride of emotion, a track that aches to be played in the dead of night. Speaking of its release Edwards had the following to say: "It's been a long and short four years. Weird Dreams never stopped for me, it just became private. The songwriting was a near constant. There's more music to share soon, but starting with "The Ladder" now feels right, as it was the first song of real difference, and remained unfinished for a few years while I obsessed over an image that I began to pursue as sound on the  last Weird Dreams song before this one ("House of Secrets") - the reflections of water on a swimming pool ceiling at night. For reasons that are still unclear, this imagined image of light and water moved me in a desperate time, distracting from what felt like the rest of the world falling away". Take a listen below for yourselves.

Live Dates
Weird Dreams presents Luxury Alone on 7th March @ The Waiting Room, London


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