Tuesday 8 March 2016

Indigo Velvet - Easy Love

If there's one thing I miss about being a kid it's the wrapped up in cotton wool approach to getting by with a cold. At the first sign of a sniffle, a little persuading to mum and dad and you've scored yourself a day off school trading your mundane work for an afternoon of lounging on the sofa at home watching cartoons and eating all the junk food in sight. Result. Sadly as we get older taking a day off for a cold quickly becomes frowned upon (who'd have thought it eh). If I'm spending 8 and a half hours in front of a screen at work then the blog is sadly going to suffer (a perfect excuse really for a break from nagging PR emails). The only drawback being my return. With an inbox literally bursting at the seams and a mass delete imminent, working from the top to bottom seems the only viable option - a task I wasn't looking forward to. A pleasant surprise then to click on Indigo Violet. Filled with optimism, the Scottish four-piece sure know a thing or two about creating an infectious as hell melody line, scintillating with sun-kissed joy. Showing such promise from their debut track alone, it goes without saying 2016 already looks to be an incredibly exciting year. Get acquainted to their jubilant sounds below.


16 Jan  - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, GLASGOW 

5 Feb   - The Electric Circus, EDINBURGH (w/ LISBON)

6 Feb   - Brudnell Social Club, LEEDS (w/ LISBON)

29 Feb  - The Electric Circus, EDINBURGH (w/ FICKLE FRIENDS)

9 Apr   - Oran Mor, GLASGOW (w/ KELVIN)


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