Wednesday 9 March 2016

Matt Woods - Ain't No Use

Rounding up a fantastic year in 2015 with the stunning Blue Skies, Matt Woods returns with his latest single Ain't No Use - another excelling effort setting off on the right foot. From its sparse intro demonstrating his soulful vocals, right through to the track's pulsating basslines and chest thumping percussion, the London-via-Cornwall singer-songwriter showcases in wondrous style his vastly spanning talents. "There’s a difference between getting over someone, and choosing to move on from them" explains Woods. "The track is about accepting that some people will always have a hold over you no matter how much you’d like them not to". Raising the bar to new heights on each and every release so far, Ain't No Use paves the way to what looks set to be an incredibly exciting year ahead. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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