Thursday 28 July 2016

Colour - Kerosene

New music. It's like waiting for a bus. I must delete around 50-60 emails a day filled with songs I wouldn't even force my worst enemies to listen to. I've debated a lot this summer whether to just shut up shop due to the constant harassment by awful PR's and lack of decent new music. Then, low and behold, along comes a whole heap of the stuff. The kind that completely restores my faith in why I started this site many years ago. Whilst not having the most Google friendly name on the market, Liverpool's Colour are just that kind of act, one that most certainly make their mark with punchy percussion and slick songwriting as new single Kerosene lifts the roof with its anthemic sound. Take a listen to the fluctuating little gem for yourselves below. Hopefully there'll be plenty more on the way.


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