Thursday 22 September 2016

Little Cub - Loveless

Springing up on my radar with their exceptional debut track Breathing Space back in 2015, Little Cub have seen an increasing rise in popularity and demand. So much so it's sparked the likes of Domino Records in to action who've snapped them up in time to release their latest single 'Loveless'. Their best yet sees the track's subdued bassline perpetuated with its slinky synth line melody come to life in the most wondrous of ways as it slowly builds. "I was perceiving this relationship between two great people", Gore says, "but could see it was kind of becoming less than the sum of its parts. It was neither party's fault but it was clear that both were becoming colder through the very nature of being together. It's something I've perceived a lot, these situations where if it were merely a friend going through that pain then you'd automatically feel empathy but in a romantic setting those feelings in someone else gradually come to seem ridiculous or embarrassing or even grotesque.It's about how every time you have a relationship like that it seems to remove a part of you. You can lose your heart a little. Of course this should be horribly sad, and in a way it is, but I also think it might be in a way necessary and so the song's not completely mourning that loss". Take a watch of the Dexter Lander and Nick Pomeroy directed clip below for yourselves.

Loveless’ will be released on 11th November as part of the ‘Loveless’ 12” including 3 reworked versions of the track. Pre-order the EP via Dom Mart.

Live Dates
Thurs 29th Sept Kamio (formerly Red Gallery), London w/ Boxed In
Tuesday 15th November Electrowerks, London (headlining show)


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