Wednesday 21 September 2016

Mulàn - Night

In 2016 everyone's trying to do something different. Something to make them stand out. By the looks of things that doesn't stop at just the musicians either as I rather pleasantly received a small jigsaw puzzle in the post recently. Put together it revealed a rather cryptic message along with a web address. Now I know it's drummed in to us not to click anything suspicious (what's not to trust about an unsolicited picture puzzle + web link in the mail) but I take risks, and it's one that most certainly paid off with a private stream to this unreleased single. In a similar vein to Jai Paul and Ben Khan, newcomers Mulàn bring a more sensual edge to the table with their jagged synth melodies softened by silk-smooth vocals and warming pad textures. With a debut this strong the anonymous UK trio already look set to make exciting moves, ones I'll most certainly be keeping track off. Take a listen to Night below.

The group released this statement with the track: “Being aware of how little of the world you willexperience, will allow you to see what is hidden. Night is the start of that awareness. Music created by 3 individual’s for the sake of creation solely. Identity is secondary to the output yet, never forgotten. Mulàn are Mulàn.”


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