Sunday 27 November 2016

Seafret - Blank You Out

It's felt like an age since I last wrote about Bridlington based duo Seafret but they've finally returned sharing their first single since their incredible debut album 'Tell Me It's Real'. Not to mistake the similarly plucked guitar intro to Wolf Alice's Bros, the pair's latest work signifies all they stand for in such stunning intricate detail as their towering vocal talents are put to strong use across the tracks soaring pop sensibilities. Blank You Out marks the exciting next stage in their adventure as they trade emotive desolate guitar melodies for hair raising percussion and a revived energy that does more than enough to make you sit up and listen. "Sometimes in life you'd give anything to be with the person or people you love the most" explinas Jack Sedman. "Blank You Out is about trying to find a way to distract yourself in the times you are separated from them". Take a listen below for yourselves.


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