Monday 28 November 2016

Little Cub - My Nature

Photo: Megan Eagles

Just over a year since their scintillating debut Breathing Space, London's Little Cub are back with their latest single, My Nature. With their Domino EP tucked firmly under their belts the band showcase another stellar effort as they channel their synth pop deliverance to dizzying new heights. "My Nature was written as a hook for a piece of Dance music but played by a band with words that reflected the way I see myself in the centre of all this mess" explains front man and lyricist Dominic Gore. "Where as ‘Loveless’ is written for a somewhat wistful and perhaps naive perspective, ‘My Nature’ is much more hardened and less ashamed. It’s about no longer looking for absolution, and it can come across as a bit unsympathetic". Listen below.

Live Dates

Wednesday 14th December – Collaborations Night @ Kamio, London
Friday 16th December – Little Cub Xmas Party @ The Ivy House, Nunhead, London


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