Monday 27 February 2017

QTY - Dress/Undress

With a hugely impressive emergence, showcasing both Americanised glam and intricate songwriting talents, NY duo QTY return with another stellar effort in the form of Dress/Undress. Giving us further insight in to what lays ahead on their debut album, due for release later this year, the band's sound truly comes in to its own as jazzed up guitars rattle beneath their paired up vocals and rolling percussion. "Dress/Undress was one of the first songs written as QTY and speaks to the anxieties, routines and amusements of our day to day life" they explain. "The title is used as a metaphor for what comes between dressing in the morning and undressing as night. Two bookends in the daily routine. Like lying awake in bed going over all that self-doubt, knowing that it's all trivial and you'll start again in the morning". Take a listen below.

Dress/Undress will be released as a limited edition 7” on 28 April through Dirty Hit Records.

QTY are Dan Lardner (guitars, vocals) & Alex Niemetz (guitar, vocals).


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